By the time that began the mass manufacture of Helicopters in 1946, the innovator this form of figurative means was evolved with rythm very fast from that of plane. The current helicopters that are put in the market are sure, comfortable and limited noise, make that renders him ideal figurative means.

The modern political helicopters have possibility of transport of 2 - 14 passengers with speeds that reach the 300 km/hour and are dicreasing distances.

More specifically in our country, their use is essential because the limited road network, the islands and the heavy traffic load .

In the interval of one weekday the helicopter can cover 2 - 3 visits at any point of the country providing the possibility of dense planning and saving of time.



  • The more important advantage is the reduction of time that you ensure for your transport in any part you wish.
  • Your work is executed more fast and effectively providing in you moreover time for your remainder obligations.
  • The time of reaction in presented occasions or urgent needs is decreased considerably.
  • The helicopter, the plane can be landed almost anywere
  • It constitutes a luxurious and impressive means of transport for the customers and your visitors, as well as for your professional activities and your meetings.
  • Iit provides the possibility of extendingf your work, in more far found markets or work.
  • t transports objects and documents from points that are not sold programmed means of transport, with big speed and safety, because the lack of transshipment.
  • f you intent to learn to fly alone , this constitutes new, exigent but interesting experience.
  • If you think of acquiring a helicopter or plane, certainly, already you will have conceived the all above advantages.Dispite all these, the specialised needs of each one impose essentially the benefit of advices from experts. Take consideration of a lot of factors that you will help realize in-depth the possibilities of this amazing means.