Mosquito helicopters

Heliline is the official representative of Mosquito helicopters for Balkans. The Mosquito helicopters are world's lightest manned helicopters that has been designed and developed over the past 10 years by the engineer John Uptigrove from Innovator Technologies. Due to design simplicity and efficiency we can offer world chippers option to fly helicopter. On sub-web pages you can see extracts of pictures, videos and technical information. Also you can see here price directory information. In case of serious interest we are ready to prepare detail price offer. So, have you good time with this web pages and do not hesitate to contact us with any notes, interests or questions.

NOTE: Prices below are for customers who have taken 10 hours of dual training with a certified instructor in order to receive the $2000 discount we offer. If you have not received this training you need to add $2000 to the full kit prices shown below.
Shipping Notice: Unless otherwise arranged, airframes are shipped from Trenton, Florida, main rotor blades from Wimauma, Florida, completion kits from Calgary, Alberta and engines from Vancouver, Britsh Columbia.
Shipping and import brokerage costs are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping can be arranged by Heliline Helicopters where requested.
Full kits: Deposit for full kit is $10,000. Deposit is 50% non-refundable. Crating and packaging fee for full kits: $800
Mosquito prices start from:
Mosquito XE helicopter kit (experimental model): $34,000
Mosquito XEL helicopter kit (ultralight model, includes floats andhoriz. tail fin): $35,000
Mosquito XE285 helicopter kit (with Inntec engine): $40,000
Mosquito XET helicopter kit (complete airframe kit less turbine engine,for current turbine engine pricing/availability consult factory): $41,000, 
Sub kits: Deposit on sub kits is 50% of price shown Crating fee for airframekit: $600, other sub kits: $200 . Deposits lock prices only on kit or subkit purchased.Subkits purchased after price increases are subject to new prices.
_____ Air Frame Kit: $10,000
_____ Controls Kit: $3,500
_____ Drive Kit: $8,000 
_____ Engine/Instruments Kit (XE/XEL): $8,000 
_____ Rotor System Kit: $7,000
_____ Factory build/ test flown XE/XEL model $5,500 (crating fee for full builds - $1,200) 
_____ Factory build/ test flown XE285 model $6,500 (crating fee for full builds - $1,200) 
_____ Factory build/ test flown XET model $7,000 (crating fee for full builds - $1,200) 
_____ Gear box temperature monitoring $250
_____ Carbon fiber tail rotor blades $400
_____ Large dash panel $50
_____ Doors $920 
_____ Factory paint (up to three colors) with full paint and aluminum polish $4000
_____ Double exhaust ball joint kit $400 (standard exhaust only, exhaust not included) 
_____ Fiberglass vertical tail fin $300
_____ Military style grip $285
_____ Fiberglass horizontal tail fin $300
_____ Strobe for XE vertical tail $520
_____ Fiberglass horizontal tail fin with vertical end plates $400
_____ Skid tip LED position lights $350
_____ Tuned Exhaust System $650
_____ Custom pitot tube kit $70
_____ Custom Mosquito trailer with supports $1700
_____ Mosquito seat cover $225
_____ Lockable cargo compartment $175
_____ Governor kit $1,200
_____ Auxiliary fuel tank (8 Gallon) $400
_____ Wheel kit $250
_____ Quick build fab parts $350
This price not includes packing, shipment, insurance, storing, duty, taxis and another variable costs related to customer destination. Please contact as for detail information. 
Delivery on complete kits is 4 - 6 months after receipt of down payment. Additional delivery times may apply depending on current factory back order. Delivery of kit groups is 2 -3 months.