Company Profile

Establishment characteristics:

HELILINE HELICOPTERS was founded 2002 in Larissa GREECE from CHRISTOS OTAKAR SEMIK, established businessman in the benefit of services and marketing. Our company is mananged by high educated and experienced managers and pilots. In June 2010 we apply at The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) for an Aerial works Certificate & Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC). HELILINE HELICOPTERS is a company that has been accepted by The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and aviation comunity as specialized service and is accommodated in privately-owned facilities in Larisa Greece.

Why to choose us:

Heliline Helicopters is managed by experienced pilots with direct connection to aviation business and it is a progressive and dynamic company specialising in private helicopters & jet charter. You can rely on our team of experienced charter managers and pilots, with more than ten years’ experience in the aviation industry, to offer only the best possible charter solutions, tailored to your needs.

We offer the highest quality aircraft for charter, from light executive helicopters & jets, to long range, wide bodied aircraft and VIP airliners.

In today’s fast moving business world, time is one of the most valuable assets. Heliline Helicopters enables you to fly in your own private aircraft and to manage your individual flight schedule. Clients are often pleasantly surprised to learn how cost and time-effective private charter can be, when comparing with Business Class airfares.

Main schedule:

1/ Helicopter Chartering, Luxury Jet & Airplane Chartering, Rent of Helicopters, Aerial Sightseeing flights, Aerial Shooting, Luxury Transfer, VIP Services, Cargo Transfers, Luxury services, VIP Escapes, Travel Solutions, Luxury vacations, Private owners Aircraft Management, Flight Planning & Navigation Services.

2/ Medical Evacuations, Air Ambulance.

Future services:

JAA Private Pilots training (Helicopter) - PPL (H), Heliline Helicopters will provide helicopter pilot training of the highest possible standard as one of the premier helicopter training companies in Europe. The PPL (H) courses compromise both flying and a series of ground school subjects. JAA Private Pilots training (Airplanes) - PPL(A), Aircraft Maintenance.

Minor schedule:

1/ The wholesales of helicopters & airplanes, aircraft equipments and accessories. 

2/ Airfields and Heliports consulting services.

3/ PPL-H Exam Preparation Seminars, Ultra light airplanes pilots training

The Aims of the company are:

• The delegation and brokerage of sale of helicopters and light airplanes and other airplanes with weight without charge until 5.700kg.

• The wholesale trade of helicopters and light airplanes and other airplanes with weight without charge until 5.700kg. • Services of hire or renting of helicopters, light airplanes and other airplanes with weight without charge until 5.700kg, with or without crew.

• Wholesale trade of equipment of helicopters and airplanes.

• Non programmed air transports.

Heliline Helicopters recognizes that it should it places new objectives in the area of promotion configuration of present aerotransportation environment with the application of innovative strategies so that it contributes in a continuous economic and social invigoration of the region. Heliline Helicopters inits many-years period has proceeded in Helicopter & Airplanes Chartering, the sales of many private helicopters and airplanes and provided services of training and use of aircrafts for a lot of customers.

The company besides of the above also provides:

Exceptionally experienced, capable and even educated managers, engineers and technical (exterior collaborators) Strict observation of highest specifications of technical control, maintainance and safety as these are thus determined by the international regulations of safety of private air transportations.

Possibility of communication in 24hrs base.

Direct and essential correspondence in the requirements of customer 365 days per year.

Specialised administrative personnel.

Most excellent organisation.

Competitive prices.

Continuous care for the complete satisfaction of customers and the continuous upgrade of provided services.

Company structure:

Department of Aviation

Economic Department

Department of Maintainance

Our customers are mostly VIP customers and Private pilots from Greece & Europe, Tourist agencies, corporate companies, tourists and visitors of sightseeing flights locations, photographers and film makers, student pilots, adventure activities agencies, hotels and other similar customers.

Business activity:

Helicopter & Airplanes Chartering.Direct sale of airplanes in GREECE, CYPRUS and BALKANS. Indirect sale of airplanes by means of leasing agencies.

Export, foreign trade by means of contracting distributors.

Commercial goods trade.

Office location & Contacts:


Semik Group Company - Greece
Christos Otakar Semik
ADR: Ifaistoy 27, 41222 Larisa, Greece 
TEL/FAX: +30 2411 108717
MOB: +30 6970 508312, 30 6940 841690
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Heliline Helicopters
General Aviation
Radar Systems
Georadars & Thermal Vision
Ski Bus - Ski school
Secura Intelligence
Intelligence & Security
We speak: Greek,English,Czech,Russian,Polish,Bulgarian. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Bank Account:


First name: Otakar

Last name: Semik

IBAN: PL39116022020000000272096548



Within the sphere of its expansion and growth in all fields, Semik Group Company is always open for cooperation.