Self-Fly Hire Helicopter

Self-Fly Hire

Why not take yourself and friends for an amazing flight around Greece, soaring around the spectacular Olympos Mountain Range or cruising along the fantastic Pieria coastline?


  • Hold a Current JAA PPL (H)
  • Hold a R22 or R44 Type Rating Hold a Current JAA Medical


First you will receive a ground brief on the local area, airspace and local regulations then you will have a simple check-ride with one of our Pilots who can clear you to fly either the R22 or R44. Afterwards you are free to fly around Olympos Mountains or visit the other areas in Greece at your leisure.

Special Rates apply for block purchasing Self Fly Hire hours.

If your skills are getting a bit rusty, why not consider our refresh course. We have devised several refresher courses for helicopter pilots. They involve a couple of hours flight, but also focuses more on the ground training side.

The course is run over a two day period, which is perfect to escape to Greece for a long weekend!